The head office of Waterjet AG, founded in 1989 as a specialist in the field of waterjet cutting

Dear customers,

Waterjet AG looks back to more than 20 years of corporate history. In 1989, together with René Affentranger, we put the first water jet cutting device into operation. 1992 we launched Waterjet AG, of which I assumed the overall operational management, and which I introduced to the newly founded Waterjet Holding two years later.

After having worked already in 1991 with four devices, we moved to the premises of a former textile factory in 1994 and since then, we have continued to write company history with our hightech products.

As we have completely focused on water jet technology, we have been able to continuously enforce and expand our competences. These include improvements of existing machines or the development of new ones, improvement and development of cutting systems and concepts. Together with our longtime employees, we achieved to work in a fantastic working atmosphere, and thanks to knowhow and quality, in the long run and successfully.

Long-term nature and sustainability were our concern in all respects. This includes a solid degree of proprietorial financing making us particularly resilient to crisis, but also environmental topics we are working on as continuously as on a steady improvement of our services in water jet technology.

Sincerely yours,

Walter Maurer

Signature of Walter Maurer, Managing Director of Waterjet AG, a specialist in the field of waterjet cutting


Expansion of MIcrowaterjet which is now operating 17 machining centres
Waterjet AG has around 40 employees and operates 30 water jet devices.
Microwaterjet expanding and operating 13 machining centres
The constitution of a competence centre for water jet technology was started.
The research and development laboratory for abrasive water jet micro technology was established.
The offices were reconstructed and expanded and one of 100m² was reconstructed for Micromachining AG.
The subsidiaries in the area water jet technology and accessories were established.
Walter Maurer assumes the overall operational management of Waterjet AG. New establishment of Waterjet Holding AG.
The limited partnership is converted into Waterjet AG.
The company moves to Aarwangen. The operation is expanded to 4 water jet cutting devices.
Walter Maurer and René Affentranger establish the limited partnership "Maurer und Affentranger, Waterjet" in Langenthal.

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